About Us

Inspired by the Caribbean and made with passion and pride, our products ooze with vibrant infusions and skin-strengthening formulas.

Your skin is the largest organ in your body. Many skincare products are made from varying mixtures of synthetically produced chemicals. Organic products are the most effective at penetrating the skin and consequently improving overall skin-appearance.

Healthy skin that’s not hindered by unrecognisable chemicals and synthetics can more effectively carry out its duties and contribute to a healthier body overall. So products are made from natural and organic ingredients and in small batches for optimal freshness and potency. Making every product worth the wait.


St Vincent

Island Organics was born when our founder, a health and skin care obsessive, visited St Vincent & the Grenadines. She was captivated by the beauty and the natural lifestyle of the Caribbean. From waking up to a breakfast of freshly picked mangos, gazing at the soaring breadfruit trees at the cock's first crow, and eating freshly caught snapper fish for lunch she revelled in her island experience.


fisherman | snapper fish


She had grown frustrated and at times confused by the often flowery messaging she came across throughout the skincare industry. Having invested in a number of ineffective creams and disappointing balms, our founder was inspired to formulate a line of skinvestments that would focus on boosting the skin's overall health.

She decided to harness the gifts of the Islands by creating products that showcased the benefits of unadulterated, natural and organic ingredients, native to the Caribbean, and Island Organics was born.