Self-care Sunday

Whether it's to alleviate harbouring feelings of anxiety or a historical ritual that has been a part of your weekend to-do, for as long as you can remember, self-care Sunday is a trend that boasts longevity and rightly so.

Here are some ideas that aim to banish lack-lustre Monday mornings and leave you ready for the week ahead.

Bring it on Monday! 

Step 1

Ditch. the. devices. Time to zone out and reduce any noise that could potentially pollute the good vibes in the air. There's no denying that social media is a huge part of modern culture, however dependence on it can be toxic and draining. Detoxing from external comms can bring zen and allow you to truly be still.


Wake up, open the windows and 'air out' the room. Cleanse your space with a hoover and/or sage and blend up a smoothie with berries and leafy greens. Turn on some music, start your day listening to some lovers rock reggae, acoustic soul or anything smooth and uplifting. Begin the day as you mean to go on.


Jump in the shower and wash away any ounce of negativity from last week. Be gone; anything that doesn't elevate, empower or brighten.

Hibiscus 'Sorrel' Facial Mist and Whipped Golden Cocoa Butter


Next, mist that face to hydrate your pores and slather your body in our heavenly scented Whipped Golden Cocoa Butter.


ackee and saltfish meal - caribbean meal

Next, prepare and devour your favourite meal or get creative and try a new recipe. Good-food is a great way to practise self-care.


Brush your teeth, jump into a bath, and shroud yourself in serenity with candles, essential oils and a playlist of India Arie and Erykah Badu.

Resist the urge to call Tyrone, this is YOU time.

Double-cleanse, massage that face with our deeply moisturising facial oil, then sink into freshly washed sheets.



Time for some hot cocoa decorated with fluffy 'mallows and chocolate shavings. Next a read of your book or a listen of your favourite podcast. Alarm set, and lights out!

Bring it on, Monday!

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